Tuesday, March 27, 2012

So I Finally Bought An Ipad

Confession of a Symbian and Android Avengelist

So yesterday after years of saying "ok aku tunggu the next Ipad", I finally liberated a fistful of RM50 notes and bought an IPad2. Some of you might be wondering why now and why just the iPad2? Let me answer these questions

I bought the iPad2 for the wife because I was getting pissed with her hogging the Galaxy Tab. I use the tab mainly to read news and tweet while in bed. Turns out she love doing the same thing as me while in bed. By the time she's done with her reading the battery on the Galaxy Tab would be om the verge of dying. Buying her an iPad2 is the only way for me to make sure my GalTab will no longer be molested by her. HAHA. The price of a 16GB iPad2 was very tempting lately due to the impending arrival of New iPad on our shored. I might as well get one now while they are still in stock and sold at a very reasonable price.

So why just the iPad2 not the New iPad? Simple answer is "coz the iPad2 is cheaper than a Galaxy Tab 7.7". I can get more screen real estate and at the same time getting myself an IOS device. As the senior writer at AMANZ.MY I think it is imperative that i familiarise myself with devices with different OSes. Also most of the locally made apps are made for IOS. Secondly I have been reading a lot of New iPad reviews and I was not that impressed with the new features. The thing that really killed my interest was the insanely ridiculous charging time of the New iPad. Due to the bigger capacity battery (70% bigger), the normal recharging time for the world's best selling tablet is around 9 hours.This is jus simply unacceptable. I also don't think i need the beyond HD display yet. Last but not least too many reports of warm iPad. We live in Malaysia and the last thing we need is a warm device.

So how am I liking the iPad? I like some of the stuffs about it and hated others. I like the fact that the device runs butter smooth. I like the fact that the app market is filled with wonderful apps. I really like how it handles huge PDF files. Oh o........ what i like the most is FLIPBOARD. That is the ONE APP that makes the iPad worth buying.

What I don't like? Too damn big and too damn heavy. Not the best device for tweeting or one handed reading in bed. As I said earlier I use the Galaxy Tab in bed. The iPad is just way too unwieldy. Cannot starch my balls while reading Footbal365, Sokernet and Daily Mail! NO fun wei! HAHAHA. Camera is also a big piece of monkey piss. My almost 2 year old Gal Tab can take better picture and comes with a flash.

At the end of the day the WIFE will be using the iPad coz it's for her own use anyway. She can now play Tiny Tower and Flipboard for the rest of the day without draining the battery of my Gal Tab.

Well now if you can excuse me, I need to read some news on the Galaxy Tab in the toilet while taking a shit! It is in situations like this will you finally realise why 7" inch tablets were created in the first place.

p/s :Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons -- R. Buckminster Fuller


Anonymous said...

Akhirnya kau jadi appletards obe.kahkahkah

Anonymous said...

so..u wanna told us that u r romantic husband?piss off dude

Freaky said...

first step nak jadi ifag adalah beli ipad

Orang Akaun said...

sembelit ka apa lepak toilet lama-lama

Anonymous said...

Aahh.. reading online stuff while shitting oneself is pure bliss. Add a smoke while doing so and your life's complete.

Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

badtooth said...

beli cash...respect!!! xpakai kredit kard mcm meleis lain (aku pun)

paskal said...

what happen to blogserious?

faiz fakhirin said...

Obe apsal blogserius kena block?

Kuarinofu said...

oi obe wer blogserius???

Anonymous said...

mana blogserius !!!kamu mahu blogserius

Cinta Hatiku said...

gal tab...too small for tab and too big for hanphone...huhu:~..kau kene pilih or tab...jgn tamak...

Anonymous said...

Obe...aku tengok Kindle Fire in US and rasa minat nak sambar satu..tapi aku tak sure berbaloi ke tak compare to buy other tablet...buat review bole?

Mean said...

sorry sayang ipad2 is too heavy for me to hold with one hand or placed on top of the tummy while lying on the bed reading my daily dosage of dailymail. so either i'll keep on hogging your tab or i'll use the note.

Much love X

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

weh weh

ko baring sesame

nih cerpen erotik ke per

stim aq bace tebayang bnde korunk wat

ps:daya imaginasi thap dewa

Mean said...

by the by after two months of purchase ipad dah jadi YOURpad.. seems that somebody loooove the flipboard, reading football news @ & tweeting on the pad more than the tab :P the only time i can lay my fingers on the pad is when i play pirates.. itupun on weekend je.. heh..

archymon said...

how did u make a starch from ur balls?

mita parvin said...

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