Monday, March 26, 2012

The Difference Between Singapore and Malaysia : A Story

Lee Hsien Long.... restecpah

A few months back the wife and me went to Singapore for the third leg of our honeymoon. Yes.. when you are a blogger perasan bagus like me you have to embark on many leg honeymoon. Reason being because of 20 plus years of masturbation, my kneecaps no longer strong enough to do a 2 week long honeymoon in one go. Just so you know the first leg was Penang followed by Langkawi and then Singapore

So anyway while we were in Singapore something awesome happened. We were walking toward the Singapore Flyer on the second day when suddenly we saw 4 police outriders and 2 silver Mercedes Benz stopping at an intersection. At that exact moment we were crossing the road. Now. Usually in Malaysia when VIPs come barreling down the road like a bat out of hell you better not be blocking their way. Also in Malaysia our VIP have this fascination with convoying in number like an A-List RAP star. Seeing a convoy with less than 3 cars in Malaysia is like seeing an article on the Virtues of Buddhism written by Hassan Ali. It is that damn rare or nigh impossible

So anyway we reached the other side of the street and I looked to my right to see who is this VIP that waited for the padestrian to cross the road before continuing his journey. Guess what? It was Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long. Yes! Fucking Lee Hsien Long with his entire entourage who was probably on their way to Marina Bay Sands. I was absolutely shocked. The wife suddenly blurted out.

"Is that who I think it is?"
"Yes Sayang that is who you think it is"

So why is this such a big deal for both of us? As I said our honeymoon required us to drive up and down the Malaysia highway. During the trip we encountered a few other VIP convoys. All these Malaysian convoys bawak kereta like haram. Driving at excessive speed and police outrider shouting at people to basically GET THE FUCK OUTTA THE WAY for these VIPs. One such incident was in Johor. There was a fork in the road. One leads to Senai while another to Johor Bahru town. I needed to go to the left. We were about 200 meters to this intersection and suddenly we heard "ketepi! ketepi!" from the read of our vehicle. Four police outrider and 3 other "luxury SUVs" were speeing in excess of 160 KMH on the middle of the 3 laned highway. Now remember I needed to go STRAIGHT in order to go to JB. If I move to the left as ordered by the police, i would end up entering Senai. But this is Malaysia. You dont have a choice. When the police shouted KETEPI you have to ketepi. At the very last minute I have to swerve to the left and let them pass. The fucked up part was they are also GOING To the left. So why they fuck did they screamed at me to ketepi when I was driving on the right lane going straight instead of left. That left me fuming. Now I have to dodge a few cars that are also exiting toward Senai while I have to somehow cross back to the right just because one asshole VIP wants to get to his destination quickly while at the same time ignoring the speed limit like jalan itu jalan bapak dia.

So there.

A short story that pretty much tell you the a lot about the mentality of the VIPs in Malaysia vs the VIPs in Singapore.

Is it any wonder why Singapore is a much better and LAWFUL place than us? If the Prime Minister can wait his turn and obey the road rules without any exception, no wonder the Singaporean Rakyat also can follow the rules like a well trained circus lion.

Oh well. For more stories on my Singapore adventure tune in next time. When will that be? I dunno LUL!

p/s : If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem -- Abraham Lincoln

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Cob Nobbler said...

Once saw @KhairyKJ car hit the red light in Putrajaya with police escort.

And once been to Singapore, yes, Lee Hsien Loong to Istana at Orchard Road. Still can wait for the red light.

Well, some people says "what do you expect Singapore" - you can pick a picture of two coasts at Changi in one picture. It's a small island. If compared to Kuala Lumpur the size might be like from Shah Alam to Ampang and that's it.

One thing I like about Singapore is there's so many underpass so I can cross the road in safe, and comfortable. And I also feel save, walking at Bugis Street and I didn't feel threaten like when I'm walking alone in Petaling Street.

And yet, Utusan says Malaysia is the safest country in South East Asia.

And heterosexual is gay. Whatever.

Mean said...

Hey, i was there! ^^

Abang Zam said...

rindu sial dekat FOA

Azri said...

FOA update?


Clark. said...

M'sian so called VIP's are so spoiled as fuck..tak ke mana la title bangang tu kalo otak taruk lutut dan menyusahkan others.

Aysha said...

So true.

Aamir Al-Saachez said...

lawmakers, they thought they can outrun the law just because they "make" the law.

kuc1n993m0k said...

Ive been long waiting for a proper post in FOA. The FOA defines you, Obe.

Hoping for a good writing from you. :)

Anonymous said...

Obe, i thought FOA is dead. You know what, i really like your writing and your opinion, and it only shows in this FOA blog. Not in the Blogserius. So, really hope that you can regularly update this dying blog.

On another note, what do you expect from so called VIPs of Malaysia? They're fucking pampered like a baby. Now you are talking about "RAKYAT DIUTAMAKAN"? The HELL!

jiBriL said...

cheit obe
pehal baru update?
mau simpan lama2 ka?
da lama aku utngu ko update lor said...

Susah nak kata la klo ViP kat Malaysia. Huhuhu.

Anonymous said...

bukan kau pun penah ke jadi vip mcm tu masa naik bas (kau penah post dulu, bas kau kena escort ngan polis)siap cakap kau rasa seronok bila orang lain bagi laluan kat bas kau....kalau aku tak silap la(tp aku rasa, aku tak silap)

Landaklaut said...

Eheheheh ye la aku ingat jugak obe pernah tulis pasal kena escort dgn polis tu. hehe.

Anyway speaking of VIPs in malaysia, aku masih x faham knp diorg nak kena lalu jugak pagi2 time jem peak hours tu siap berescort bagai. Takde masa lain ke nak lalu? Org lain pun nak cepat jugak. Blardihel betol.

Julie Hawa said...

ermmm maybe sebab VIP Malaysia nih travel jauh dari Johor ke KL.. then ada event lain la pulak ke Pahang... haaa... sebab tu kena lajuuu...

Orang Akaun said...

our VIPs will only be like s'pore VIPs when their perut buncit slim and their leher berkolestrol tinggi surut.
Before that, jangan mimpi.

Orang nyawa pendek memang kejar masa

Anonymous said...

yg best ptg @ jalan tun razak. kete sume penuh. bole plak suruh org lain ketepi tu. siap ade ketuk2 bumbung kete. mcm la special sgt.

Amru said...

Oit obe blogserius ko kene hack lagi ke langsung kene remove terus

Anonymous said...

Cakap tak serupa bikin, bila ang dpt jd vip nek bus naza pegi tengok match chelsea bukan main lagi rase awesome. Bile depa buat ang rase tak betul plak. Kah kah kah the irony.

Anonymous said...

cuba menghina DYMM Sultan Negeri Johor?

Kah Weng said...

Lol, VIP in Malaysia actually stands for Very Idiot People.

That day I went to visit the Parlimen, and a DAP representative was in the middle of a presentation, most of the BN people just screaming rude words at the DAP lady like a bunch of hooligans.

I even saw a guy sat there playing video game on his handphone. No respect for the Speaker Dewan at all.

BTW, I'm glad FOA is alive again.

Anonymous said...

hahaha..apa ni obe...I saw a lot of contradiction

Anonymous said...

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fellow masturbator said...

eleh, kau pun sama je dengan VIP tu. pegi tengok match bola naik bas escort seronok pulak.

Siap cakap keta itu ini buat langsi la apa la. Kereta tu pun macam ko jugak la time tengah drive dulu tu. Sekarang dah kena hambat macam orang lain jugak, pandai komplen pulak.

Dah pegi remove artikel NAZAk ass-cort tu (kalau tak remove lagi). Kang jenuh orang cari nanti. Kalau dah remove, good job.

Anonymous said...

Are u a bastard or idiot ?

kroak! said...

… sementara tu di Malaysia, rakyat Singapore perangai macam cilaka.

۞мŘ╬äҖŽĽäŊ۞ said...

well story tale brahh

sairedz25 said...

i've encounter the same thing at Johor. around midnight, near stulang if i'm not mistaken. one perdana car with a yellow siren block my car on my halfway to u turn ordered me to give way for another 6 to 7 VIP cars.
why such a rush? got stomach ache or somebody chasing them or what.

Anonymous said...




orientalbeautyspa said...

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Anonymous said...

tgk la bila you t jadi VIP, jangan buat benda sama lak, huhu

mukhriz mohammed said...

i'm starting to respect you on your point of view. nice thought. peace

Anonymous said...

Walau-leh, did you'll relies that you'll Malaysian go over to other people country for jalan-jalan only already think big and good about other country,been here in Singapore over 25 years, nothing great about them here, ours is better, even their people mostly move to our country. Not many genuine citizens around to speak out against government,they speak up they go to court leh, not like you'll happly can kutuk our leader without respect, no civic minded, newpaper not transparent, only good thing about them is publish, reality is opposite. But remember half of the population in this tiny dot country is foreigners and they they need another 3 millions foreigners to mark up 6 millions population, so you'll can offer yourself since you believe your people and county is suck. Be proud of you flag and country otherwise offer yourself to the country need more people loh... See if their great VIP want you lol, lol, lol. For better country start with yourself first. Live in other people country then you know loh!

Hans Solo said...

' wonder the Singaporean Rakyat also can follow the rules like a well trained circus lion.'

true, but there's a problem. Once a Singaporean is out of Singapore, mcm just lepas je Tambak Johor, masuk Johor, they don't follow the rules at all!!

Yang byk speeding gila babi kat Johor tu byk rakyat Singapura juga.

That's the problem of a trained circus lion. Dalam sangkar dia baik. Keluar sangkar dia baham tuan dia.

Kalau dah macam tu, ada guna ke semua 'training' yg diberi itu?

SentiasaPanas said...

Honestly, i 'hate' Malaysian VIP/VVIP..

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khelben said...

I like how so many went apeshit because you praised singapore's VIP and kutuk our VIP (rightfully deserved too) lolol.

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Anonymous said...

Its like when Malaysian people when they're in S'pore, you won't see them dissing the rules of law. No speeding, no chewing gums, no ignoring traffic lights, no trying to bribe police. very obedient bunch.

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