Friday, December 02, 2011

Twitter Crap Compiled #1

Ha pemalas!

Hell hath to fury like a wartawan hiboran who was not invited to a retis wedding

Perhimpuanan Agung mana mana parti di Malaysia tidak dihadiri YDP Agong ........ Yang hadir cuma politikus BENGONG

Owning more than 1 Twitter account to me is like making HORCRUXES . 1 account may die but u are still "alive" on the other account

Ular mengular sekalipun dia tak gemok. Manusia mengular jadi tenuk. So MENGULAR should be renamed as MENENUK

Tube dresses are like condoms. SLIDE IT DOWN and u r ready to Bang Boom Pow!

Date ugly or average looking peoples when u r younger. This way as u get older n date more people, u can date better looking ones. Upgrades all the way!

Sometimes you have to kill your DREAMS in order to live in REALITY

MAAL HIJRAH is a good enough excuse to spend an entire day at the MALL

Tudung FIDA and SITI are also known as THE ANTI TAJIMA

CODE TALK - "kami sekadar kawan" = we r dating each othenow ."Kami sedng mengenal hati budi" = we are screwing each other to see if we are compatible in bed

BAD NEWS - Kajang badly flooded. GOOD NEWS - Sate burners taller than water level . U can makan satay kajang n pretend u in Venice

There should be a "Tak pergi semayang jumaatpun tapi check-in aje lebih" badge on FourSquare

Seb baik la aku tak tua, ada dato dan kaya nak mampos. kalau tak aku pun kawin artis tahap buku lali tak kenal pastu bagi mas kawin 13 juta

In the UK, the trend is white female celebs dating black celebs ... in Malaysia? Meleis female celeb have kekaseh gelaps . Same thing? #LOL

Antara bukti keajaiiban wudu' ialah muka anita sarawak yang tak reput dek zaman .........

i want APEK to play in Indonesia.... sana Better AWEKS. so at least we can see him GOSSIPED with hot cewek not awek muka TEPEK!

- women only RADIO u say? , Does this mean they will play Boybands , Bieber and Celine DIon 24/7?

Why Bourne more awesome than BOND? Bourne drove a mini and kick ass. Born drove an Austin Martin n still crash berguling2


mega senja said...

ohhemmmgggee..all is true!

Akubas86 said...

Yang last tu terbaik...yeah bourne kick ass...

Anonymous said...

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