Friday, February 13, 2015


Revisionism ialah masalah yang sudah lama meresap kedalam sanubari rakyat Malaysia. Suddenly so and so is the best shit when it is not. Truth be told so and so is bloody awful and and a laughing stock. Why do we like revisionism so much? Cultural norms? Wanting to be given the same treatment when it is your turn? Politically correctness? I don't have the answer. Take for example that fella who backstabbed a well know silver screen legend back in the 70's. You bet your ass when the bloke kicked the bucket all his heinous crimes against this legend will be forgotten. To add insult to injury back stabber over there will be put on the same pedestal as the legend he betrayed back in his youth. Revisionism is bad because it rewrites history. That would be so wrong and sad at the same time. 

Decades from now you will be giving the wrong history to future generations thanks to many revised history written post someone turning into a pile of decaying organic matter. It just riles me to no end. Why can't we stick to the facts. For example I am useless tool. I know I am and when my AA batteries ran out I don't want my history to be rewritten. Respected by all? Nope. Peerless? Nein. Good example to all? Non.Just be truthful. There is nothing wrong in telling the truth. Even your religion want you to be truthful. Always remember .......................