Saturday, December 03, 2011

Why People Are Idiot


People are idiots because they do not read. Take for example the cerita nabi entry

I asked a simple question

"Why do Muslims. who suffered prosecution under the Quraishy Arabs are quick to COPY what the they did when dealing with apostates"

IS that not a valid question? If you choose to demonise ABU JAHAL for protecting his pagan religion why are you mad when people lambasted you for your own Abu Jahal-esque reaction in curbing apostacy

Since you yourself cant find the answer so why blame me for asking a very good question

People are idiots. Bila tak boleh jawab salahkan orang yang menanyakan soalan yang super valid dan super on target. Pastu kata orang kapir. Kata orang anti Islam

It is amazing that MUSLIMS like to bash JEWS for using the "you are an Anti Semite" argument when they can't answer QUESTIONS regarding Israel racist national policies and clear violation of human rights in occupied Palestinian lands. At the end of the day some of you are using the same method to stifle discussion on "sensitive" subjects. What utter morons.

Hey using "you are an Anti Semite" is wrong but using "Hey you are an Anti Islam and an Infidel" is a VALID and acceptable answer to EVERY question you can't cleverly retort

Ah screw it. Malaysia is doomed anyway. What does it matter if minorities, LBGT and "minor religions" rights are shoved down a bottomless pit eh?

Im off. See you in 3 weeks